The 2020/2021 fiscal year saw India's coal imports fall to 230.28 million tonnes representing 7 percent decline, but the country expanded its sourcing from Australia, probably taking advantage of the soft Australian coal prices due to trade spat with China. India received 54.953 million tonnes of coal from Australia during April-March period, a sharp jump of 18% compared with 2019/2020. Australia's market share stands at 24% now.

But Indonesia lost about 21% with its exports down to 92.535 million tonnes. South Africa gained 9% addition to 2019/2020 exports, which had already achieved 36% increase over 2018/2019. Indonesia's contribution declined from 54% in 2012/2013 to 40% last year, while South Africa grew to 20%.

United States has always been trying expanding coal trade with India. Starting from 3.1 million coal sales in 2012, the trade soared to 14.98 million tonnes in 2018/2019, though last fiscal year saw a decline of 19 percent, it managed to sell 12.2 million tonnes of coal to India in the past 12 months. US coal stands firmly at 5% of India's total imports;

Russia is another good coal supplier to India. The trade peaked in 2019/2020 to 8.226 million tonnes, declined by 18% to 6.75 million tonnes in 2020/2021. Russia's coal takes up 3% of Indian appetite.

 Above named suppliers provided 92% of Indian coal imports in 2020/2021.